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Information On Tray Sealing Packaging Machines

Tray sealing packaging machines are essential pieces of equipment in the food packaging industry. The machine will apply a combination of pressure and heat to fully seal trays. This protects the food inside the trays and helps keep the food fresh. This article answers some commonly asked questions regarding these machines. 

What Types of Trays Are Sealed?

The tray sealing packaging machines will seal trays made from many kinds of materials. Some examples include aluminum, cardboard, plastic, and more. Since trays come in different shapes and sizes, the machines are adjustable. Some trays are rectangular with a single compartment. However, others are square with several compartments, which all require sealing. The machine ensures the complete sealing of each compartment on the tray, helping to prevent food from mixing together.

What Are the Most Important Advantages of Tray Sealing Packaging Machines?

Keeps the food fresh: Once sealed, the trays will have the necessary protection to prevent oxygen and moisture from getting inside the sealed sections. This significantly decreases the risk of spoilage and provides the longest possible shelf life for the contents. 

Prevents contamination: Tray sealing creates a seal that prevents contaminants from reaching the food. This is what keeps the food free from dust, dirt, bacteria, insects, and other harmful toxins that can also spoil the food and make it dangerous to consume. 

Transport Protection: Sealing the trays, including each enclosed section, will protect the food from damage. The trays can withstand the jolts and bumps endured during the ride. This prevents the trays from opening and the contents from falling out. It also prevents the food in the different sections from spilling over into the other sections. 

Storing Efficiency: Trays are easier to store once they're sealed. The trays can stack on top of one another, or even stacked on their sides, and the food won't fall out. 

What Are the Different Types of Tray Sealing Packaging Machines?

There are a number of types of machines. Some of these include manual, semi-automatic, and automatic machines. Manual machines require an operator to load and run the machine, whereas a semi-automatic machine offers a few automated functions. 

Some functions the semi-automatic models offer include film feeding, automatic sealing, trimming, stacking, temperature control, and timers. The fully automatic models require very little operating assistance. 


If you're considering a tray sealing packaging machine, the above information may help you recognize when and why they're more of a necessity than an option. For more information, contact a company like Crawford Packaging.