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Key Tips When Buying A Pulling Unit For An Oilfield Site

Pulling units -- otherwise known as workover rigs -- are used in the oil industry when a well needs to be replaced with a fresh completion. These rigs are massive in size and come in several varieties, but you can have an easy time shopping for one by keeping these tips in mind.

Consider Purchasing A Used Unit

If you don't have a lot of financial resources to put towards a pulling unit, then it's probably best to buy used. This will be a much more cost-effective investment and it opens up your oil operations to future investments. You'll just need to carefully examine used pulling units in person.

It's also recommended to take a professional with you on these inspections so that you have an experienced set of eyes helping you assess relevant components. With patience and thoroughness, you can buy a used pulling unit that's in great condition and works perfectly.

Opt For A Truck-Mounted Design

If your oilfield site has multiple wells and you plan on using the pulling unit in different areas, then it's so important to get one that's mounted to a truck. You then won't have to struggle to transport it to different sites.

The truck that the pulling unit is attached to can simply navigate to another area quickly and safely. You'll just need to be careful during transportation, making sure there are no obstructions or workers blocking your path. It's important to keep in mind that pulling units mounted to trucks will cost more because of the additional components. 

Purchase From A Credible Supplier

There are a lot of suppliers that offer pulling units today for oil-related operations. However, you want to be strategic with which person you buy from because, although most sellers are reputable, not all suppliers may sell high-quality workover rigs.

So that you have complete confidence in the supplier you buy from, look into their credibility. How long has the supplier been in this industry and what's their reputation? You can find these answers online quickly. Also, assess the supplier's credentials. If they're licensed to sell these pulling units and have been in the industry for a long time, that bodes well for your investment.

Pulling units are incredibly important systems for oilfield sites today. If you're about to purchase one of these units, take your time with this investment. Look into the available options and weigh the right details so that after you make a selection, you have no regrets.